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  Q9。 为啥解说者明儿深夜甩掉插足西班牙(Spain)舞蹈节?

  M: What some。 Well, there is a film about climate change。 Does it sound good to u?

www.98455.com,  M: Do u feel like going out tonight?

  Conversation 1 到底玩啥呢

  Q11。 女人明天调节做什么样?

  Q6。 What caused the U.S。 government to abandon the Air-Lander 10 as a spy aircraft?

  Q11。 What does the woman decide to do tomorrow?

  M:你明儿上午想出去吗? W:是的,为何不呢?我们曾经比较久未有出去了。 M:有个别什么。那么有一部关于天气变化的影视。那对您听上去不错啊? W:不,不是。它并不着实抓住本身。那是有关如何?只是天气变化? M:笔者感到那是关于天气变化如何影响日常生活。笔者不理解她们是什么样使它玩耍。 W:那听上去相当倒霉。这是一个珍视的主旨,作者同意。但自戊寅曾心情压抑任何事情。还会有哪些? M:有二个西班牙王国(The Kingdom of Spain)舞蹈节。 W:哦,小编爱好跳舞。那听上去很好玩。 M:显明那纯属是雪亮的。让大家来拜谒它在随想中所说的内容,“安娜Gomez领导西班牙(Spain)爱情典故的赏心悦目制作。Carmen“。 W:好的,那么几点了? 男:七点半。那么,那是不佳的。大家平昔不丰盛的年华去这里。还会有别的事吧? M:有一部正剧专辑。 W:它在哪个地方。它在城市剧院。那是一个慈善正剧之夜,有广大不一的作为。它看起来不错。本地报纸的商酌家说那是她见过的最佳玩的事情。它说这里罗吉尔Whyet海是贰个耸人据悉的庄家一夜的外国演出。 W:恩。。。。。。我不爱好他。他不是很有意思。 M:你规定你欢欣明早出去玩。你不是异常的热心。 W:恐怕你是对的。好。大家去看舞吧。但后日,不是明早。 M:很好。作者会在网络订购门票

  W: Emm…I‘m not keen on him。 He’s not very funny。

  News 3 世界最大飞机第三次试飞


  Q6。 是何等导致美利哥政坛遗弃了作为间谍飞机的降落伞10?

  M: There‘s a Spanish Dance Festival。

澳门新萄京客户端下载,  M: Apparently it‘s absolutely brilliant。 Let’s see what it says in the paper, “Anna Gomez leads in an exciting production of the great Spanish love story。 Carmen。”

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【www.98455.com】  世界上最大的飞机首次登上了天空。  Q10。 What does the critics say about the Comedy performed at the City Theatre?

【www.98455.com】  世界上最大的飞机首次登上了天空。  Q8。 女人对天气变化有如何意见?

  W: Well, it sounds really awful。 It‘s an important subject, I agree。 But I’m not in the mood for anything depressing。 What else is on?

【www.98455.com】  世界上最大的飞机首次登上了天空。  Q9。 Why did the speakers give up going to the Spanish Dance Festival tonight?

【www.98455.com】  世界上最大的飞机首次登上了天空。  Q5。 我们对Air-Lander 10的率先次飞行了然多少?

  The world‘s largest aircraft has taken to the skies for the first time。 The Air-Lander 10 spent nearly two hours in the air, having taken off from Cardington airfield in Bedfordshire。 During its flight, it reached 3000 feet and performed a series of gentle turns all over a safe area。 The aircraft is massive as long as a football field and as tall as six double decker buses and capable of flying for up to five days。 It was first developed for the U.S。 government as a long-range spy aircraft but was abandoned following budget cutbacks。 The aircraft cost 25 million pounds and can carry heavier loads than huge jet planes while also producing less noise and emitting less pollution。 The makers believe it’s the future of aircraft and one day we‘ll be using them to go places。 But there’s still a long way to go。 The air lander will need to have two hundred hours flying time before being allowed to fly by the Aviation Administration。 If it passes though we can hope we‘ll all get some extra leg room。

  W: Oh, I love dance。 That sounds really interesting。


  W: Perhaps u‘re right。 OK。 Let’s go see the dance。 But tomorrow, not tonight。


  W: Yeah, why not? We haven‘t been out for ages。

  M: There is a comedy special on。

  Q7。 What is the advantage of Air-Lander 10 over huge jet planes?

  W: Where‘s it on。 It’s at the City Theatre。 It‘s a charity Comedy night with lots of different acts。 It looks pretty good。 The critic in the local papers says it’s the funniest thing he‘s ever seen。 It says here Roger Whitehead is an amazing host to a night of foreign performances。

  M: Great。 I‘ll booked the tickets online

  Q7。 Air-Lander 10比大型喷气式飞机有怎么样优势?

  M: At 7:30。 Well, that‘s no good。 We haven’t got enough time to get there。 Is there anything else?

  NEWS 3

  W: No not really。 It doesn‘t really appeal to me。 What is it about? Just climate change?

  W: OK, then what time is it on?


  Q10。 商议家对宫廷剧院的正剧表演有啥商议?

  M: Are u sure u fancy going out tonight。 U‘re not very enthusiastic。

  Q5。 What do we learn about the first flight of the Air-Lander 10?

  M: I think it‘s about how climate change affects everyday life。 I wonder how they make it entertaining。

  Q8。 What does the woman think of climate change?

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